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Training and Classes

Training and Classes

On a regular basis, we organize hands-on classes and pastry presentations. please click here.

These are opportunities for professionals to meet, exchange ideas, learn new skills, and to try our equipment hands-on.

The following renowned Chefs have given presentations or taught classes at our company: Stéphane Tréand M.O.F., William Werner, Jérôme Landrieu, Philippe Givre, Frédéric Monti, Ramon Perez, Frédéric Moreau, Derek Poirier, Brian Donaghy, Patrick Peeters, Richard Ruskell, Etienne Van Wesemael, Alicia Boada, Nathaniel Reid, Stanton Ho, Yves Keyaerts, Frédéric Scailteur, Melissa Coppel, Tariq Hanna, Jean-Francois Devineau, Francesco Giordano, Lincoln Carson, Jeff Yankellow, Nicholas Lodge, Francois Mellet, Javier Guillén, David Redon, Sofi Andersson, Jean-Marie Auboine, Kivanç Kaymak, Laurent Vannieuwenhove, Francis Grosse and Michel Eyckerman.

In collaboration with Pastry Arts Academy, we had the opportunity to host classes by Johan Martin, Jordi Bordas, Vincent Vallee, and Gregory Doyen.

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"I have just returned from a two-day chocolate workshop at Bakon USA´s headquarters in Torrance, CA, with Chef Chocolatier Patrick Peeters. I learned some new tricks and reenforced my knowledge of some old ones and met a lot of great people. The best part of the class was realizing how much I already know and meeting a bunch of great people with whom I share the enthusiasm and joy they find in working with chocolate!" Jeffrey Stern, Gianduja Chocolate